About Us

The Mule Deer Hunter was created by a group of individuals who share two passions: hunting and fitness. Although there are many hunting and fitness websites, there simply wasn’t a good option when it came to share and enjoy both passions on the same platform. The Mule Deer Hunter is that place.

Today’s successful hunter has evolved into an athlete. Just take a look through your Facebook feed and you will see there are more and more hunter’s hitting the trail, treadmill and gym in an effort to become a more proficient hunter. Not only that, by incorporating a regular fitness routine and gaining a better understanding on nutrition, you will live a much healthier and happier life in general.

We also know that fitness can be intimidating for those that have never really had a regular workout routine, or haven’t did it in years and are hesitant about taking it up again. Our goal is to provide our readers with all of the needed information to begin their own journey down the path to a healthier lifestyle. You will find articles on race reports, running tips, coaching, nutrition, recipes that will hopefully provide the needed inspiration and motivation to accomplish your own fitness and hunting goals.

We truly hope you enjoy the site and find our information both useful and entertaining.


The Mule Deer Hunter Team