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Hunter for Life Blog 1/26/2018 Warren Hatcher

By | January 26th, 2018|Featured, Hunter for Life|

Hunter for Life Blog 1/26/2018   Beginnings. A new year is upon us. A new season is ahead and right now is the time to put into action all the things you vowed would be different this year. Did you find yourself in poor shape for the hunting you did? Not everyone will shoulder a 60# pack and beat the crowds by hiking 7 miles in and hunting the big bucks. Most will be doing day hunts from road camp or hunt, but no matter your style of hunting all will benefit by being able to hike further and longer. Better conditioning will allow to feel like hunting more and have you able to make a better shot when the opportunity is presented. Even if you just walk around your neighborhood several times a week this summer you will be in better shape than doing nothing. Strive to improve from wherever your fitness level is at. You run 3 miles 4 times a week- bump it up to 5. You regularly walk a mile a few times a week- increase the distance or your pace. We all have room to get better, and sadly few of us will dedicate the time and intensity to be a Dave Long or Cameron Hanes. But we can all get more mountain fit. […]

Hunter For Life Blog #5 9/24/17

By | September 24th, 2017|Featured, Hunter for Life, Uncategorized|

Life is rolling high gear now in Western Wyoming. We have the first fire of the season in the wood stove and September isn’t over yet. The month began with sweltering heat. So much so that I hunted with little enthusiasm the opening week during our annual family bowhunt gathering.  A few folks killed elk but were really having to hustle to preserve the meat. We process our own meat and I need decent cooling temperatures to do it right. I love big racks as much as any one but have always valued the meat most. Cool temps are here now, snow is in the high country and I am a week away from being unburdened and able to finally HUNT… […]

Gear Review: Trekker Gaiters by Rick Mair

By | September 24th, 2017|New Gear|

I have always been a fan of finding small pieces of gear that make a big difference. I recently discovered the benefits of using trail gaiters. Traditionally, when talking about gaiters, my thought process focused on heavyweight gaiters in deep snow conditions. With my introduction into trail running and more intense pre-season scouting, I have developed an appreciation for Trail Gaiters. […]

Hunter For Life Blog 7/16

By | July 13th, 2017|Featured, Hunter for Life|

Once Spring finally arrived here, so did the hectic pace of life that it brings. Summer in the high country means all living things get very busy. Bucks and bulls are growing racks, mountain slopes are growing feed and a hunter is doing hunting stuff. We managed to, in no particular order: Shed Hunt. We [...]

Hunter for Life Blog 3

By | May 4th, 2017|Featured, Hunter for Life|

Hunter for Life by Warren Hatcher Blog #3 SHED SEASON This a busy time of year for the Western Hunter. Shed season is open for most areas either by legal start dates or snow leaving the country. I’m not sure what exactly has caused the boom in participation for this activity but there are a lot of folks doing it. To some it is the dollar incentive, some want to “find the big one”, some the highest shed total and others just enjoy the excuse to be outside and hiking with a purpose. At various stages of my life I have been all those. Now of course, I wish I had kept them all. But the dollars raised thru selling sheds were reinvested in hunting trips and gear. I know of guys who have never sold a shed and have literally tons stashed away on their property. Several more have only sold smaller finds and have a large selection of big deer and elk antlers. […]

Hunter For Life by Warren Hatcher Blog #2

By | March 23rd, 2017|Hunter for Life, Uncategorized|

Apologies for the late follow up  since  last Blog . Life has been very busy with retiring from a 28 year career and making the change to official old guy status. The transition has finally slowed pace and with it is opportunity to pick up the Blog on a regular basis. I have a lot of things started and will delve into each in detail in coming post including: * The Precision Rifle Build: Can I achieve Minute of Angle accuracy on a budget? How accurate is enough? *Return to Mountain Shape: Does a Personal Trainer make sense for you? For now let’s finish the story of my first High Country Muley Buck…… REDEMPTION Fall 1996 (continued from Blog #1) A few days after the picking up my “dropped” antler found Dale and I again headed for the high country. We took the same route as our first trip although bypassing “ Hatcher’s Slide”. There was no wind and bright sun that morning. A beautiful day to be in God’s country. We eased along together while  glassing ahead and climbing to the main trail that ran along the divide. Remarkably we saw not one deer while making our ascent. […]