I have always been a fan of finding small pieces of gear that make a big difference. I recently discovered the benefits of using trail gaiters. Traditionally, when talking about gaiters, my thought process focused on heavyweight gaiters in deep snow conditions. With my introduction into trail running and more intense pre-season scouting, I have developed an appreciation for Trail Gaiters.f Everyone knows how irritating it can be to get a pebble in your shoe. Trail gaiters are great for keeping small rocks, sticks, and other debris out. They can also enhance the usefulness of your boots or trail running shoes. I have found that by using the gaiters, my lightweight trail running shoes can take on an enhanced level of water resistance. This is a major benefit when you are walking through the grass when it is coated with fresh morning dew. Taking care of your feet is a huge priority while on a hunt. A hunt will end quickly if you have issues with your feet.
Trekker Outdoor Gear makes gaiters that are designed specifically with the hunter in mind. Snaps on the top and bottom of the closure ensure they will remain closed as you work through the thick brush. The Velcro front entry is made of high quality materials that hold up well. The hook is secured with a double rivet and stays in place where others have failed. These Gaiters will work with a wide variety of footwear. I have used them with light trail running shoes and a heavier hiking boot. The design works well to keep them on your feet as you quietly work through the obstacles found on the mountain. They are a huge asset for anyone who wants to hit the hills and keep their feet in good condition. I will certainly have a set of these with me on all of my hunts this year.