What Does it Take to be a Long Range Shooter/Hunter Part 2 By Fonzy Haskell

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What Does it Take to be a Long Range Shooter/Hunter Part 2. In Part 1, we discussed cartridge selection. In this part, we’ll discuss components to make a good long range shooting/hunting rifle or system. What are the components that make up a good long range shooting/hunting rifle? Now remember, this is just merely my opinion. Most of these components are ones that I have found that work well for me. There are 3 million different ways to skin the long range cat and they all work great. Barrel, action, stock, trigger, scope, and rings are the components that go into the foundation of a long range shooting and hunting rifle or system. […]

What Does it Take to be a Long Range Hunter/Shooter? Part 1

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My last article, titled “Is Long Range Hunting and Shooting for You?” was intended to help you decide if you wanted to step off into the bottomless money pit that is long range hunting and shooting. This one will hopefully help you decide to take the leap to join me and countless others. Misery loves company. […]

A Dream in the Making by Kody Meyer

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It all started a year and a half ago, when I received a phone call from someone offering me a job in Wyoming, the crazy thing is I hadn’t even applied for it. Before making a decision I called my dad for some advice, when I asked him what I should do, he told me that I should go for it while I was still young. Three weeks later I was on the road to Wyoming […]

Legacy by Matt Howell

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This chapter of the Legacy begins in June of 2014. It was a warm Saturday afternoon in my hometown of Durango. I was helping a family friend clean up from a garage sale that he was having when he looked up at me and asked, “Are either of your boys left-handed?” Having no idea why he was asking such a random question I replied with the truth and told him that neither Nate nor Cole was left handed but that I found out the hard way that Cole, my 12 year old, was left eye dominate. I had purchased him a right-handed bow and he struggled to shoot it. To my surprise, he said “Perfect, I have a left-handed youth model 270 I want to give to Cole under one condition… When he out grows it, it must be past down to another youth as it had been to his son. Needless to say, my son Cole was more than ecstatic to receive the rifle as he had drawn a third season rifle tag in Colorado for mule deer that fall. This would be his first deer hunt. […]

The Huskemaw Advantage by Zach Key

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Hunting Mule deer is in our blood, the actual kill is a bonus but the luxury of sitting in the high country with all the big game animals including mule deer and elk is a true blessing. It’s something I dream about all year and when I finally get the chance to go ride into the high country with my trusting animals it’s so rewarding. I often have people ask me why I choose Huskemaw to be my glass of choice in the high country. They also ask me why Blue Mountain Precision is a dealer of Huskemaw and offers their scopes on all of their builds. I have been thinking about how to articulate this and I’m hoping to answer that question the best I can. […]