RUNNING SUCKS!, or so I used to think. My name is Fonzy Haskell. My D.O.B. is 7-2-76. I’m married to the coolest chick ever. Her name is Heather. She is from Pennsylvania. We got married August 16th, 2003. We have 3 kids. Weston is 9, Kyanne is 6, and Kyson is 4. I was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming where I also graduated from high school in 1995. I was fairly active in my youth. I was involved with a lot of organized sports. I played the usual little league baseball, football, and basketball. I also wrestled and continued with those sports as well as trying my luck at track through junior high and into high school, but high school is where I started my rodeo career. I started riding bulls when I was 16 in my sophomore year and continued it until I was 24. Rodeo is what led me to where I work and live now. Since September of 1998 I have been living and working on a fairly large family run ranch in Northeast Wyoming. We raise red angus cattle as well as bucking horses and bucking bulls. I also manage an outfitting business on the ranch. We guide for mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, elk, turkeys, and predators mainly coyotes. I thoroughly enjoy being outside all seasons of the year. Since I have gained a few years I have also gained a few pounds. Well maybe not a few, a lot. I weighed around 160 lbs when I graduated high school. Shortly after the first of the year of 2016 I was as heavy as I’ve ever been. I was slightly over 200 pounds. I decided enough was enough. I decided to do one of the craziest things ever. I decided to take up running. I would have lost a lot of money on that. I was possibly one the most anti running people that I knew. I know a lot of people that run and I give them a lot of flack for it. I thought the only reason that a person should run is to get away from something. Usually in my line of work the only reason that I would run is because I was being chased by some cow critter and I only had to run to the fence. Well I knew I had to do something to get into better shape so I fired up the grill to cook some crow and eat it. I also plugged in the treadmill while the crow was cooking on the grill. Eating crow sucks, but being fat and out of shape sucked worse I decided. So I began my quest to get into better shape. I started running/walking on the treadmill the latter part of January. I think the first week I put in a total of 10 miles in 4 days. It wasn’t pretty, but it was progress. The next week I had put in 12.5 miles in 5 days and had my first 3 mile day. Progress. The next week I made a goal to put in 15 miles that week. At the end of the week I not only met my goal, but I surpassed it a little. I put in a total of 16.8 miles. I was starting to see results. I weighed 202 lbs when I first decided to get on the treadmill and I was now down below 200. The following week is when I decided to go outside and run. It wasn’t pretty, but it was actually kind of fun. I got to actually run some inclines and declines which I didn’t get on the treadmill. It felt rewarding. On the ranch where I live there are a bunch of livestock trails so I got to where I would run those and now I belong to an intervention group call “Trail runners anonymous”. Living out on a ranch I’m 30 miles away from the nearest gym and I got tired of looking at the wall on the treadmill, so I decided to make nature my gym. So far I’m really enjoying all of it. The views, the fresh air, the sounds, and oh yeah my clothes are starting to fit a little looser. The last time that I stepped on the scale it said that I weighed 189. I know I didn’t get out of shape over night and I’m not going to get into shape over night, but so far it’s been a pretty interesting ride, or should I say run.