• Lifetime warranty
  • Assortment of colored locking gaskets
  • Still fits in most cup holders
  • Works extremely well


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip base came off after hand washing


Very functional, easy to use piece of gear that should be in every camper’s toolbox. The unit I tested will be a permanent fixture in my golf bag.


Keeping drinks cold seems like one of the never-ending quests for everybody. While writing, this I thought to myself, why not just drink faster and stay closer to a refrigerator? What fun would that be? This little gem by Siberian makes it possible to savor your drink and still enjoy the last drink at nearly the same temperature as the first. My initial impression was how could this be any better than the last 12 or so can “coozies” that I have used. I wanted to take a little more scientific approach to testing it. Rather than just open the box throw in a can of whatever and see if it stayed cold I opted to do a controlled test. Complete with a laser temp gun. Don’t ask why I own a laser temp gun, I own several tools that would make most handymen shake their heads.

I started with two cold cans straight out of the refrigerator, as you can see they were 56deg on the surface.


I then placed one of the cans in the Siberian cry-sleeve and left my control unit on the counter next to it. My plan was to check the temp every 6 hours.


After the first 6 hours, I checked the temperature. The can on the left was from the cryo-sleeve at 66deg and the control was much warmer, already at room temp. of 72deg.


After this I chose to end the test. The cryo-sleeve had already proved its worth to me. I did leave the can out on the counter for around 4 more hours and it still had not reached room temperature. This little bugger is impressive. The only issue I had was when my lovely wife washed it, the non-slip pad on the bottom came off.

In closing I would say this is a very impressive little piece of gear and would make a great addition to anybody that likes to keep their beverage of choice cold for extended periods.