David Long
David LongFounder/Editor

A little background on David

David has been chasing mule deer in the high country for over 35 years and has been involved with the hunting industry for greater than 20 years. During his tenure within the industry, he has many accomplishments, which include: former editor of Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, co-author of the book Wyoming’s Finest Mule Deer, author of Public Land Mulies – The Bottom Line (which is one of the top selling mule deer hunting books of all time), and produced the extremely popular mule deer video series – Magnum Mulies.

Although David’s love for hunting began as a teenager, his love for running came much later in life. He initially ran a few road marathons but his passion for running didn’t occur until he moved to Colorado and discovered trail running. His love for the mountain trails soon turned his passion for running into an obsession. David has ran ultra marathons ranging from 26.2 to 100 miles in length.

Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run: 26 hr 48 min
Leadville Trail Marathon: 5 hr 11 min
Cimarron 50K: 4 hr 40 min
El Vaquero Loco 50K: 6 hr 56 min
Moab Red Hot 55K: 5 hr 42 min
Moab Red Hot 33K: 2 hr 47 min
Matt Howell
Matt HowellSocial Media Manager

A little background on Matt

For as long as I can remember I have had a longing for the outdoors. As a young boy I could always be found at the lake or river, not swimming but rather fishing. My passion for the outdoors only increased as my dad would take us camping and when I was a bit older, hunting. I can remember as a young boy, sitting high up in a tree as multiple bears gorged themselves below us on doughnuts and popcorn. My dad instilled in me a passion, not only for the outdoors but also for conservation and a desire to share the outdoors with others. He taught me how to respect our wildlife and the lands they call home. He also taught me that with hard work and dedication I could achieve anything I set my mind and heart to. This lead to me being a state champion in wrestling in high school and a college wrestler and hockey player. I now am passionate about wildlife photograph, long distance obstacle races, hunting, conservation and sharing it with others. I am president of the Four Corners chapter of SCI, I am a writer/blogger for Earned magazine. I reside it my hometown of Durango in SW CO where I am raising my boys and doing my best to pass on to them what my father passed down to me. Every chance I have I get my boys outdoors. Whether it is fishing, hiking and looking for sheds, camping, shooting, hunting or obstacle racing, we get outside as much as possible.

Seth Wold
Seth WoldTechnical Editor

A little background on Seth

Seth has been incredibly active in many aspects of the running and fitness industry. Seth was the head trainer at a $10k/month weightloss retreat, managed several running specialty stores, helped build a new footwear brand (Altra), and was the global VP for for a major fitness technology company (iFit). When you throw all those into a blender, Seth’s experience goes down like a smooth balanced fitness expert.

Seth’s time as a trainer opened his eyes to the amazing transformations people are making daily to go from diabetic to pre-diabetic to healthy. This change was amazingly simple, change what you eat and change what you do. It was harder to implement, but doable.

At Altra Seth learned the art of running technique, technical design, and latest and greatest trends in the industry. I was able to rub shoulders with the men and women we learn about in the magazines. This allowed me to ask specific questions I always wondered about.

At iFit Seth built on his technology base and further analyzed the worth of all the data thrown at us by our devices. Some is good, some is bad and some is misunderstood. It is vital to know the difference.

Seth Currently is a sales manager for Spillman Technologies, a premier public safety software company. He travels regularly to the Midwest, although he lives in Utah with his wonderful family. His wife, Meagan, and children, Sage, Myler and Dash… Yep hunting and running names. We enjoy getting out in the mountains, whether it is for running, hiking, shed hunting, scouting, or hunting.

• 50 Miler – 7:17:44, Pony Express 2011 (Previous Course Record)
• 50k – 3:43, Buffalo Run 50K
• Marathon – 2:22:51, Ogden Marathon 2009 (All-Time Course Record)
• 25k – 1:44:04 Buffalo Run 25K (All-Time Course Record)
• Half Marathon – 1:07:28 Bryce Canyon Half 2009
• Trail Ten Mile – 58:44, Kiluea Volcano Run 2007 (All-Time Course Record)
• 8K – 23:16, WAC Championships, 2007, Logan, UT (All-Time WAC Championship Record)
• 5K – 14:20, UW Husky Invite
Ryan Guldan
Ryan GuldanRunning Coach

A little background on Ryan

Ryan, a Colorado native who currently resides in Denver, discovered his interest in running ultras after a successful 19-day self-supported thru-hike of the 485 mile Colorado Trail in the summer of 2011.  Ryan’s first ultra, a double marathon in Fruita, CO in April 2012 got him hooked on the sport that now satiates his desires for challenge and adventure, and he has since run 25+ trail ultras. Ryan’s story as an ultra-marathoner includes perseverance over the unique challenges presented by his auto-immune disorder (ulcerative colitis), hearing impairment, and his desire to balance the demands of a full-time Engineering job and family/social life, all while training to be successful in his running goals.
  • Desert RATS Stage Race – Three time overall champion and holder of several stage records
  • 24 Hours of Boulder – 1st Place with 111 miles completed
  • 24 Hours of Utah (50k) – 1st Place
  • Colfax Marathon 2015 – 10th overall with Boston Qualifying time of 2:52:05
  • Leadville Trail 100 – Two time finisher with best time of 22:33:04
  • Western States 100 2014 – Sub 24 hour finisher at 20:45:22
  • Run Rabbit Run 100 (Hare) 2014, 2015 – 2 sub-24hr finishes (11th and 10th Place Male)
  • Silver Rush 50 – 6th overall with a finish of 7:39:08
  • Successfully finished over 25+ trail ultras since 2012
Cheryl Long
Cheryl LongCreative Director

A little background on Cheryl

Cheryl Long is the wife of David Long. She is an Art Teacher of 26 years and spent 15 years of her teaching career as a Swim Coach. She currently teaches drawing, painting and video at Conifer High school in Conifer, Colorado. Cheryl is the very proud mother of four children and five grandchildren who are her everything!

Although Cheryl is not a hunter or a runner (knee problems) she has always been the supportive team for David. Cheryl likes to ride bikes and hike and loves being in and exploring the outdoors and being active. Cheryl also likes to work in her art studio making pottery and doing DIY crafts with bottles.

Cheryl is looking forward to the busy future of scouting and hunting trips, ultra races, making art and spending quality time with David.

The Mule Deer Hunter Contributors

Michele Yates
Michele Yates
Michele graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in May of 2005 where she earned a degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a concentration in fitness management. Michele is a 2x Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon and a 4x USATF National Team member in the mountain and ultra trail events representing the US at the World and NACAC Championships. She has completed over 20 marathons, with 9 wins, and still holds numerous course records at the elite level. She is a 4x National Champion in the ultra trail events and has numerous course records and wins in trail and ultra races. Michele was also crowned Ms. Figure Colorado in 2008 where she had no less than a top 2 finish in each event she competed in within the year. Her newest challenge is taking on race directing with her husband Wyatt for the Colorado 200.
Russ Nichols
Russ Nichols
My name is Russ Nichols, I am 43 years old and am from rural Eastern Oregon. I am married with 4 children aged 7-15. I work as a Family Medicine doctor in a small town hospital. I am a lifelong runner , hunter and avid outdoorsman. I coach youth sports including track and field, cross country, soccer and basketball. Even with a very hectic and busy schedule I find adequate time to train and compete in ultra distance racing, including a handful of 100 mile races. I have learned from experience that with commitment, sacrifice, and time management anyone can get in physical condition to attack those backcountry hunts, deep canyons and high country adventures . I believe everyone has the ability to become a better athlete and overall healthy person, and can get the advantage to go where most people never tread.
Matt Howell
Matt Howell
For as long as I can remember I have had a longing for the outdoors. As a young boy I could always be found at the lake or river, not swimming but rather fishing. My passion for the outdoors only increased as my dad would take us camping and when I was a bit older, hunting. I can remember as a young boy, sitting high up in a tree as multiple bears gorged themselves below us on doughnuts and popcorn. My dad instilled in me a passion, not only for the outdoors but also for conservation and a desire to share the outdoors with others. He taught me how to respect our wildlife and the lands they call home. He also taught me that with hard work and dedication I could achieve anything I set my mind and heart to. This lead to me being a state champion in wrestling in high school and a college wrestler and hockey player. I now am passionate about wildlife photograph, long distance obstacle races, hunting, conservation and sharing it with others. I am president of the Four Corners chapter of SCI, I am a writer/blogger for Earned magazine. I reside it my hometown of Durango in SW CO where I am raising my boys and doing my best to pass on to them what my father passed down to me. Every chance I have I get my boys outdoors. Whether it is fishing, hiking and looking for sheds, camping, shooting, hunting or obstacle racing, we get outside as much as possible.
Siobhan Pritchard
Siobhan Pritchard
Siobhan began racing the 100 m dash when she was 7 years old. After continuing to race sprints in high school, she joined cross country at St Norbert College and began racing longer distances. She started running marathons in 2006 and won her first in 2009 at the Mountain Air marathon in Crested Butte. While she raced primarily road marathons she continued to train on the local trails. She raced a few shorter distance trail races before deciding to test herself in a trail 50 miler. She continues to push herself even further and now runs races up to 100 miles in length.
Rick Mair
Rick Mair
Rick is an adrenaline junky who was born and raised wandering the hills of Utah. He considers himself a student of the outdoors and strives to learn something every time he ventures out. He feels as though fitness plays a critical role in successfully conquering the challenges of the wilderness. He is excited to get his wife and 3 children outdoors every chance he gets.
Kent Roberts
Kent Roberts
Kent grew up roaming the country of Northern California where his dad taught him to hunt and fish. He enjoys the bonds the outdoors creates with family and friends, and the many challenges it brings. The outdoors has always showed him ways to become stronger and push harder. Pair that with a desire to run marathons enables him to be ready to face any encounter in the mountains. His favorite saying is “The greatest risk is not taking one.” As much as he loves the outdoors, nothing compares to spending time with his wife Kim and three children, Kendall, Karson, and Kinsley.
Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson is 43 years old, a husband, father of 5 and also a grandpa. He works and lives in Gillette Wyoming and is an avid outdoorsman. Todd and his wife spend as much quality time as they can in the mountains and do as much hunting as their busy schedules allow. His wife has always been a runner, often leaving Todd at home while he called her crazy and made excuses as to why he couldn’t join her. During his younger years, he was very hard on my body, as a result, he has nerve issues with his lower legs from a back injury. Recently, while talking with a couple friends, it occurred to Todd that he was overweight, out of shape and needed to do something about it. Todd has committed to a lifestyle change and authors a blog titled The Rookie here on Run to Hunt where he documents his journey to a healthier life.
Fonzy Haskell
Fonzy HaskellLong Range Shooting Editor
My name is Fonzy Haskell. I’m a Wyoming Native. I’m a husband to an amazing wife Heather and father to 3 crazy kids, Weston 10, Kyanne 7, and Kyson 5. I was born and raised in the southwest Wyoming desert town of Rock Springs. I lived there until just after high school. My passion for western big game hunting and especially mule deer started there. After high school I moved to northeast Wyoming where I have lived and worked on a large ranch since 1998. One of the benefits of working and living on this ranch is that I also manage an outfitting business where I get to guide hunters for mule deer, antelope, and elk. Guiding hunters has also led me to another of my passions, long range shooting. Reloading and shooting have been intriguing to me since my teen years watching my dad hand load to get ready for the upcoming hunting season. I have been pursuing and practicing long range shooting since 2004. The popular television series, The Best of the West, is what first piqued my interest. I have been using Huskemaw optics exclusively since their inception of 2007. I have had great luck with them. I have made multiple long range shots on game as well as at targets to a distance of 1,810 yards with a .243 Winchester. I have instructed many friends, family, and clients to make successful long range shots that they would have never believed to be possible before. I have competed in the Huskemaw Challenge shooting competition every year since 2013 and several other long range shooting matches. I am an administrator to a Facebook group called Wyoming Long Range and we host at least one long range shooting competition a year. The course is at my house and stays set up all year long. I am lucky that I get to utilize it whenever I want. It is setup in a PRS manner with a lot of positional shooting stages. I like to shoot a lot of different positional stages to improve my shooting skills.
Steve Smith aka Raw Dog
Steve Smith aka Raw DogPredator Editor
I’ve been hunting predators as long as I can remember. From hunting fox with an open site .22 in a local gravel pit, to grizzly bears in Alaska with my Hoyt bow and everything in between. But my favorite predator has to be the wiley coyote. With their abundant numbers, varied types of terrain in which to hunt them, being receptive to calls like big bull elk, their beautiful fur and bounties to boot! What’s not to love? Few things ignite the senses like being on a coyote hunt, the utter stillness knowing another predator is stalking your position. Few things are as fulfilling as creeping into a coyote stand, and tricking a big mature coyote within gun range. These are with out doubt some of the most intelligent game animals on the planet. And to consistently call and kill them takes much more hunting prowess than most hunters realize. From beginners to World Champions, coyotes have humbled them all. But that is also what makes them so much fun to hunt.
Joann Pettus
Joann Pettus
JoAnn Pettus with J’s Wild Recipes, is a mother of two crazy boys, wife, an avid outdoorswomen and a food connoisseur. She has been cooking up creations in the kitchen since she was about 8 years old and has always had a passion for turning simple ingredients into amazing meals. Wild game can be intimidating to some, but being able to create a blend of flavors that satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, is so rewarding. Joann is a believer that anyone can cook and dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. She hopes that her recipes can inspire you to get in the kitchen and show off this year’s harvest. Feel free to contact Joann at jswildrecipes@gmail.com or you can find her on Facebook at J’s Wild Recipes.
Jason Haskell
Jason Haskell
I grew up in South Dakota with a longing and a desire to be outdoors. This has culminated in hiking portions of the North Country National Scenic Trail in Michigan, The Knobstone Trail in Indiana, and my wife and I have spent time in Denali National Park on a backcountry permit. One of my favorite outdoor activities includes biking (mountain or road). I have road most of the Maah Daah Hey in North Dakota, and spend a lot of time biking in the Black Hills. I am a late-comer to the world of hunting. After college my wife and I returned home to start a family. As you all may be aware South Dakota is well known for our pheasant hunting. I started hunting a little with family and soon realized that this was an excellent way to experience the outdoors. I quickly purchased a couple dogs, started guiding and was all in on the upland game thing. The funny thing was, that I never expected that I could shoot a big game animal. They always seems to majestic to me. On a whim I bought a doe tag one year and have never looked back. My path to the mountains began on the plains of South Dakota chasing pheasants. As my desire to hunt new and more challenging species and locales grew I found myself going further and further west. Nowadays I spend every fall chasing, Elk, antelope, whitetail, and mule deer. I look wholeheartedly to every fall in the mountains or out on the foothills chasing mule deer. I am a father of 4 kids who are as drawn to the outdoors as I am. I try in every way possible to help foster that desire. All of my kids shoot, hunt, shed hunt and generally long for fresh air and adventure. We are currently on a journey to complete all of the National Parks with our children. This has been a great way to see the country and keep our kids in touch with the natural world around them.
Jake Bath
Jake Bath
I started my hunting journey, with my family, at the age of 10. We would mainly road hunt, with a few short hikes. I was always left wanting more! At age 16, I started hunting on my own. This allowed me to hunt in the mountains more often! I have since developed an extreme passion for backpack hunting. I now enjoy taking week long trips into the back-country. I have harvested several different species of animals, with my bow. Over the past few years I have taken up long range shooting. I believe long range has elevated my hunting game tremendously. I am a firm believer in fitness being essential aspect in becoming an effective back-country hunter. I dedicate much of my time to fitness, allowing me to push my body to extremes for my passion. I have a beautiful wife, a 5 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. We enjoy shed hunting and being in the outdoors of Wyoming, as often as possible
Jay Maisano
Jay Maisano
My name is Jay Maisano and I’m 50 years old. My parents introduced me to the outdoors at a very early age, it was something I was born into. Archery and hunting was our life. My earliest memories are of running the mountains of California and the smell of cedar arrow shafts. I grew up hunting big game in California, Colorado and Utah when all the tags were OTC. Almost every weekend was spent at an archery shoot somewhere in the state. I started my love affair with burnt powder in 1980 when we moved to Eastern Washington. I truly fell in love with wingshooting, however my September’s were spent big game hunting with stick and string. The rest of the year I would spend my time upland bird and waterfowl hunting. I picked up rifle hunting in 1983 and spent the next few years hunting big game and coyote with rifle, but still shot archery competitively. I did my first backcountry backpack hunt in the early 90s after a brief stint in the Army. It was an elk hunt and I spent the next 14 years chasing Elk with stick and string all over the west. Fast forward to a bear hunt in 2007, my plan was to take a bear with my pistol but I ended up taking it with a borrowed rifle. I’d forgotten how much fun hunting with a rifle could be. I had been interested in long range shooting since 2002 when I saw a show called Best of the West. I was completely stunned at the ranges they were able to achieve with such precision. 3 weeks after the bear hunt I purchased my first real Big game rifle outfitted with a Burris BDC scope and I started my first steps into Long range. It was also at this time that I read a book about backcountry mule deer hunting and I started planning my first trip to pursue the Grey Ghosts of the high country, my biggest regret is waiting so long in life to truly start hunting these majestic animals. Although that first trip I came home with a tag in my pocket I was hooked on this type of hunting. It is my passion and I’ve spent every Fall since 2008 hunting these monarchs that call the high country home. A chance encounter in 2011 with the fine folks of Best of the West would completely change my life and the way I hunt. I found myself behind one of their rifles looking through my first Huskemaw scope and ringing steel at ranges that I’d only seen done on TV. My first hit on steel at 850 yards and I was hooked. A long range addict if you will. Since that March day in 2011 my world has revolved around 2 things; long range hunting/shooting and mule deer hunting. Can’t get enough of either. Now at the age of 50, I find myself about to embark on another journey, to get back into shape that I was in during my 20s and 30s. With lots of coaching from the folks here on the mule deer hunter I hope to document my journey from Fit Fat Guy into Fit Old Fart. I hope that I can possible inspire at least one person that if I can do it so can they.
Warren Hatcher
Warren Hatcher
I was born in the Florida Panhandle to a Mom and Dad who both hunted and were pioneers of bow hunting. I was always in the woods around our country home with a BB gun or bow, hunting for snakes, birds or whatever I could find. I was bowhunting alone for whitetails at a very young age. My portable stand was hung maybe 4 feet of the ground and I’d sit, legs dangling with my 2 sharp arrows. I remember pulling a baby tooth while watching a doe and fawn feed behind my tree. My family’s love of bowhunting eventually led us to take annual trips to western Colorado for archery mule deer hunts. The outfitter was quite popular and we shared camp with the likes of bowhunting legends Roy Hoff and Jim Daugherty. Those trips began a love affair with the Rocky Mountains and Mule deer. One of my proudest moments as a kid was to have an article I’d written of our first hunt to Colorado published in Bowhunter Magazine when I was 11. I am now 54 years old and have lived in Western Wyoming for the past 27 years. (I wasn’t born here but got here as quick as I could) I love to hunt all the critters our mountains but am a passionate bowhunter of elk. I am an official scorer for the Pope and Young Club, an Area Representative for the Bowhunters of Wyoming and past Bowhunter of the Year for that organization. I am blessed with a very supportive and patient wife, a daughter, 4 sons and an energetic 5 year old Grandson. We all love the Fall hunt and gathering of meat. We process all of our game from steaks and burger to jerky and sausage. I have found big old early season high country muley bucks to be tastier than any game available. And their headgear is a nice bonus. I have hunted and taken Big Horn Sheep, Shiras Moose, Bison, black bear, antelope, whitetail and mule deer in Wyoming. I live and work in mule deer country every day. I witness their struggle for survival against weather, predators, development and traffic. I have been co producer on a video featuring winter range bucks and their challenges. To say I admire and respect the mule deer would be a vast understatement. I hunted them with great passion for several years and managed to kill some nice bucks, my best being a 200” class 10×5. The last decade or so my focus has been on elk hunting with my kids and Dad, who in his 70”s is as fired up to hunt now as he ever was. Over the last 2 years I have been given the opportunity to truly reflect on my life’s accomplishments and short comings while fighting Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thru Prayer and great medical treatment the Cancer is now in remission. I am grateful to be given a second chance at life and plan to accomplish several goals. Among those, I will coerce my chemo impacted body back into the shape I had as a young Marine, or at least to my 44 year old sheep hunting self. Secondly, I will take a 200”+ mule deer buck. I am thankful to be associated with the group of experts on Mule Deer Hunter to help me accomplish both. I look forward to sharing my journey to success with you.
Zach Key
Zach Key
I started hunting at a young age with my dad and from that point forward I knew this was something I was destined for. I waited patiently ever year to go hunting with my dad and whether we killed or not I enjoyed every minute of it. I lost my first job at the local grocery store calling in sick to go mule deer hunting, that for my dad was probably a better problem than most kids but I’m sure he still wasn’t impressed! I was raised shooting archery with my father, I placed 6th in the Jr. Olympics, 3rd in the nation, and won first in over two dozen regional and state titles. This is most likely where my addiction to archery hunting came from, thanks dad. After high school I started my career in the oil and gas industry. I then started filming and hunting for a television show called “Intrepid Outdoors” and continued to grow the passion with others. I attended some filming classes and then started guiding and filming several hunts free of charge just to capture that moment when someone killed an animal of a lifetime big or small. The television show was also big time pro energy and getting the youth in the outdoors! This was right up my alley, I also guided and filmed several youth hunts for the show. The owner of the show at the time was Mike Schmid, a great man, who has also got the obsession some of us are lucky enough to find and explore. A few years ago I resigned from the television show to focus on my family and bring my kids up the way my dad raised me. My family is my first focus now and a close second is still my obsession for the outdoors. I hope to keep guiding the youth in the outdoors being a good teacher and roll model. My next step is to keep chasing my obsession with friends, family, my two amazing kids and my two main hunting partners, my dad and Mike Schmid. We can’t forget my lovely wife that supports this disease I have, she doesn’t hunt herself but pushes me to chase my dreams, she is my better half, she’s my rock. That’s me in a nut shell!
Eric Andersen
Eric AndersenFirearms Editor
Eric Andersen, the founder and owner of Blue Mountain Precision, was born and raised in Wisconsin. He was hunting with his dad for as long as he could remember. Eric moved out west in his early twenties and took hunting into a new level, exploring endless mountain ranges of Wyoming. High country open space gave him an idea to start building precision long range rifles. Today he builds highly accurate rifles for people all over the country. He loves to build well performing rifles and to hear success hunting and shooting stories from his customers.