Hunting Mule deer is in our blood, the actual kill is a bonus but the luxury of sitting in the high country with all the big game animals including mule deer and elk is a true blessing. It’s something I dream about all year and when I finally get the chance to go ride into the high country with my trusting animals it’s so rewarding.

I often have people ask me why I choose Huskemaw to be my glass of choice in the high country. They also ask me why Blue Mountain Precision is a dealer of Huskemaw and offers their scopes on all of their builds. I have been thinking about how to articulate this and I’m hoping to answer that question the best I can.

Lets rewind to 2014, Ray Alexander and I loaded up our horses and mules to head into the back country. Ray had wanted to go hunting for several weeks and once his work schedule permitted a leave of abstinence, we were going back in after a high country ghost. Ray and I started strategizing days before our departure and had developed what we thought was a good game plan. According to Pinedale Online a big powerful storm was coming in the next day, this meant today we had to pack in and today was kill day. We like to play off the weather because it always seems to help increase your odds in my opinion, if you play it right that it is.

Ray and I got our new camp established a little over five miles in the back country on this trip. Once camp was set up, we headed up to the last spot my dad and I had seen a great buck earlier this season. We started glassing each rock, tree, and avalanche chute when Ray suddenly spotted a buck worth looking at only 30 minutes into this hunt. This was not the same buck dad and I had seen, no, he was a different buck for sure.

Ray and I broke him apart in our spotting glass and gathered some general information. The deer’s yardage, wind speed and direction, elevation, temperature, and whether he was a mature deer. He was 824 yards, after doing our simple math with our Huskemaw equipment at his known angle it was a 774 yard shot. The wind was calm, basically nonexistent, the temperature was around 48 degrees, and we were sitting around 9,900 feet of elevation. With excitement Ray said he wanted to take this deer, he felt it was his best buck to date and what a perfect afternoon before the storm for the harvest.

Ray took the prone position in the rocky ledges, re adjusting himself several times trying to make sure we took an ethical shot. If we couldn’t get comfortable then we would let the deer go tonight and try him again the next day, an ethical shot is a must. He dialed his 5 X 20 Huskemaw scope to the desired yardage and began to perform his check list. Once ray got into his position we re-checked our math and re-checked all of the elements around us. Ray placed his cheek against the gun and decided to take a few dry fires, this insures that Ray was calm and removed some of his nerves.

After the first dry fire the deer stood up and looked around eagerly. We knew it couldn’t have been us but something got this deer’s attention, maybe he had a gut feeling something was up? At this point Ray knew the next dry fire was gone and it was time to work his magic. Ray chambered a 6.5 X 284 round in his gun and began to slow his breathing, this was his one shot and it had to be the best shot possible if we wanted to ground check this animal. I let Ray know “the spotter was ready”, Ray reported back, “shooter ready” and the next thing I saw in my spotting scope was a deer falling back into his bed. He had made a great shot on a nice 200” buck! Ray and I gathered all of our gear and started a long trek down an avalanche chute to this bucks position. The sky was starting to get darker and the night was creeping up faster and faster by the minute.

When we walked up to this buck we couldn’t believe what was lying in front of us, it felt surreal. This buck was an easy 200” buck, he had also grown some cheaters magically. Ray and I were overwhelmed with excitement, he just dropped a buck of a lifetime. Now we needed to take care of the meat to keep the grizzles and wolves from destroying our hard earned protein. We quartered and caped this deer hanging him in the trees, we would return tomorrow to retrieve our high country gift from god. We started our two mile hike out of this basin to our horses and mules, and then we headed back to camp to eat some grub to get ready for the next days of hunting.

I wanted to frame up a snap shot of a journey I have been on with my Huskemaw equipment. We have harvested several big game animals with Huskemaw scopes close range and at longer distances. We have also tested them through so many different elements it’s insane.

I have used these scopes in rain, snow, negative temperatures, in Alaska, horse back, backpack and the hot temperatures of a desert sheep hunt in Nevada. We have had horse wrecks, rain for days at a time and heat of 100 + degrees daily for 14 days straight. Nothing bothers these scopes, nothing can wreck these scopes unless you just simply try to break one. The glass is one of the highest grades available being a HD glass with a lens coating for maximum illumination and color separation. The lens are also grooved and bedded in the tube for high recoil tolerance, allowing repeatable internals for precise return to zero and elevation selections.

These scopes are also a simple one piece body with 1/3 MOA click values for accuracy and maximizing adjustments. Some often ask why 1/3 MOA click’s, the answer is simple. This allows for 20 MOA adjustment in one revolution of the scope. It also allows a 30 mm tube to be used in doing this so you can keep weight of your scope and rifle in mind, also keeping the scope compact as well.

Huskemaw has also kept all hunters in mind offering a scope model and power selection for each specific weapon and hunting applications to include 3-12X42, 4-16X42 and 5-20X50, they have a precise parallax adjustment and the 8 MOA Hunt Smart Reticle in all of these scopes.

If you are not really a hunter or just like shooting for fun then they have also started offering a tactical scope which is a 1-6X24: with illuminated red dot incorporating 11 intensity settings, versatile for many applications including close and far ranges, 30 MOA per revolution, ½ MOA click values, HD lens coatings and of course the 8 MOA Hunt Smart Reticle.

It doesn’t stop there either! A scope that is a dream to shoot is the 5-30X56. It has extreme light gathering ability, 12 MOA Hunt Smart Reticle with an internal bubble level, 1/3 MOA click value, 30 MOA per revolution and over 100 MOA of total elevation adjustment in this scope! A long range dream scope is what I like to call it. It’s a really great scope for the guy wanting everything and isn’t worried about the little bit of extra weight.

The last thing I would like to bring up about the Huskemaw is the turret system that truly is what separates them from the rest of scope manufacturers. I have made a list below:

• They have laser engraved turrets utilizing actual drop data from a specific rifle and load. Most other scopes offer something close but it’s not the same. It’s only close, we don’t want close in the hunting world. We want the best.
• Huskemaw utilizes the “True BC” of a bullet based on the actual muzzle velocity, manufacturers BC baseline, elevation and temperature.
• They are also the only windage enabled turret in the industry. (Patent # 8,365,455)
• There is NO need for additional calculations utilizing a ballistic calculator, cheat sheets or range finders claiming a real time firing solution.
• The newest gem is a patented dual interlocking turret. (Patent # 9,366,502) This can provide many options including a second set of environments, a second revolution, MOA, a second ammunition load, etc. You have to check these puppies out!!
• Wind holds correspond to elevation (distance) based on a 10 mph full value wind. The shooter brackets wind in 5 mph increments. My example is a 5 mph hold is ½ the number indicated, a 20 mph hold 2X the number indicated, so simple I can do it!
• Last but not least, the infield application is the most user friendly and precise turret available used in tandem with the Hunt Smart Reticle.

Hopefully this answers some questions about why I use the Huskemaw system and believe in it so much. This is also why Blue Mountain Precision and other reputable companies use these scopes for their hunting packages also. It’s because in my opinion it’s the best hunting scope in the industry hands down. It’s truly the easiest scope to use on the market and I promise it is bullet proof. They have been tested again and again! So if you are out searching for a scope or wondering if you should try a Huskemaw hopefully this will help give you some guidance in making your next scope purchase. Thanks for reading!