The Lightweight Zone

This page is dedicated to going lightweight. Let’s be honest, none of us really want to carry any more of a load than we have to. Deep down, we all want to shave every ounce we possibly can without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Simply put, the lighter the load, the more comfortable it is to carry which means you will enjoy your backcountry adventure even more. On this page, you will find posts about new lightweight gear hitting the market, as well as great tips on how you can reduce your overall pack weight.

What is Lightweight / Ultralight? by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

By | November 1st, 2016|Categories: The Lightweight Zone|

Initiated by distance hikers, backpackers and climbers, lightweight and ultralight refer to a recent and growing trend in outdoor adventuring in which participants carry less weight than traditionally accepted. Lightweight and ultralight are philosophies and [...]